System & Components

Custom-built systems and workstations are available for both personal and business purposes.

At 24hrTechSupport, we use only quality components

It is our promise to you that we will only use quality components in the systems that we build or when we repair or upgrade an existing system. We understand that even the smallest equipment malfunction cause downtime and frustration. Since we opened we’ve worked to build strong relationships with the brands that we use to ensure that we offer quality at an affordable price for each component. Quality computer components reduce malfunctions and last longer helping to avoid future repairs.

Each system is custom designed to fit your needs

We spend time with our clients to evaluate what their computing needs are and how we can custom build a system that meets their computing needs and stays within budget. Whether you have a large business that involves an intricate integrated system of computers and peripherals, you are an avid gamer looking for a powerful, high tech, and lightning fast gaming computer or you need a personal computer system for your home at 24hrTechSupport we have a solution. Call today for a free consult.

All 24hrTechSupport builds are clean and organized

When our clients look “under the hood” of our custom systems they often remark on how well organized our build looks. Our thoughtful approach to computer design allows our builds to be properly cables keeping the interior neat and clean. This allows for maximum cooling and easy accessibility to the computer system’s components. We take pride in our custom systems and it shows in how meticulous we are during the build process. Call for a quote today!

We build for power, dependability and usability

At 24hrTechSupport, we assess a client’s computing needs we may find that our client may use their system for surfing the web and paying bills, or they may use it for hardcore online gaming while others may need a custom computer system & components to fit their high-use business needs. We make sure that every build has the power the client requires, that the computer component choices are dependable, and that the system performs well for their usage profile.

Computer Systems: (Personal and Business)

Custom-built systems and workstations are available for both personal and business purposes.

Computer Systems:
Price varies per configuration.
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Service Contracts:
Extended service contracts are available on 24hrTechSupport custom computer systems at a discounted rate.