3 EASY steps to get started!

Here you will find tools and software that your 24hrTechSupport computer expert may ask you to install to help them diagnose and repair your computer system. You will also find a valuable listing of recommended software for your computer.

3 EASY steps to get started!

Locate the correct file

From the files below choose the applicable software for your purposes.

Download the file

Click the file name and begin your download. Download speeds may vary.

Install the software.

When the download is complete choose Open or Run to install the program.

Recommended Software for your Computer

Viruses and Malware are everywhere! Keep yourself and your network protected with recommended software from 24hrTechSupport.

Microsoft Office 365

An Office 365 Subscription will keep your computer’s productivity software always up to date.

Offsite Backup

We’ve partnered with local industry leader Nordic Backup to provide professional and reliable offsite backup for your data.

Computer Tools
  • Teamviewer QuickSupport - quickly establish a remote support connection
  • Speccy - view your computer's hardware at a glance
  • Advanced IP Scanner - need to find that pesky device on your network? This will help!
  • Hijack This - Still one of the best tools around for identifying unwanted startup programs.